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The current purpose of this page is a testbed for some work stuff. This is currently being hosted on a Buffalo TeraStation using the built-in webserver functionality.

Buffalo hompage

So here are some images from my wreck in July 2015.

I was headed home from work on I-35. At the time traffic was moving pretty well so I was doing between 50 and 60 MPH. Then traffic came to a sudden slowdown. What I had not noticed (but should have) was the dark stripe in the middle of the fast lane. Some vehicle had spilled diesel in the lane. It's visible in the first picture. As soon as I hit the brakes the bike immediately went into a slide that dumped me on the road. According to one of the witnesses who stopped for me I tumbled a good 4-5 times after I hit the asphalt. Thanks to my helmet and riding jacket I was uninjured.

My bike down on I35

Front of the bike after wreck

My helmet saved my head

This jacket saved my skin. Literally.

Close-up of the busted headlight

During the teardown

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